Carpets can greatly improve the overall appearance of a home. When flood waters start rising, it should be avoided and the area containing the moisture must be protected until the water recedes. This is the point when Adelaide Flood Master comes into the picture. The highly skilled professionals in Adelaide can remove water from areas within the house and they can clean carpets to remove excess water and moisture. Our professionals will make sure the carpets are dry before leaving the premises so no mould or mildew develops.

We are the leaders in the field of floor cleaning and flooring repairs. Our team of professionals provides prompt and efficient carpet and underlay drying service, backed by an array of products and equipment. We serve both residential and commercial customers, handling projects of any size and scope. We know the importance of getting your home or business back into shape quickly, so we take great care to ensure that every job we do is done right!

Our Process Of Carpet & Underlay Drying In Adelaide

  • When you contact us in any kind of flood damage emergency, our specialists will be at your place quickly.
  • Our team of Adelaide Flood Master’s professionals will carry out a detailed inspection of the carpeted areas to determine how extensive the damage is.
  • To make things easier for you we use the newest and most advanced technology in our work. This allows us to get an accurate understanding of how much therug has been damaged.
  • Armed with this information we will now use powerful vacuum cleaning equipment to extract all the excess moisture from your carpets, rapidly and effectively. Removing all the loose standing water becomes the most important process at this stage.
  • The next step is to place dehumidifiers and air conditioners to facilitate complete and fast drying.
  • The fast movement of air in indoor spaces helps dissipate all the moisture out of your underlayment and carpets.
  • If the underlay is wet, our professionals with the help of the best techniques dry it out.
  • After the space is dried completely, we will apply antibacterial sprays to arrest the mould growth.

As an experienced and expert company in Adelaide, we have all that it takes to provide the best and most effective services to our clients. When you hire us for the job, you have the assurance that highly skilled professionals are handling all your carpet and underlay drying services in Adelaide.

Get Safe And Professional Carpet & Underlay Drying In Adelaide

Adelaide Flood Master is a unique company that stands out from other operators in the industry in many ways:

  • We serve a large area and provide a wide range of restoration services in Adelaide.
  • No matter where you are in Adelaide, we will be at your doorstep within an hour.
  • We employ the most advanced technology and use the latest techniques, in our work which improves the efficiency of our professionals.
  • All of our experts undergo ongoing training to keep their knowledge and skills sharp.
  • Every job is completed in accordance with high quality standards so as to ensure the safety of both workers and the environment.

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