Our water damage restoration technicians in Athelstone are trained to cut out and replace any water-damaged materials to restore your property to a pre-loss condition. We work closely with insurance providers to help facilitate claims and keep costs within policy limits. Dehumidifiers and air movers will be left running to return moisture levels to normal and ensure all areas are fully dried.

How to Prevent Future Flood Damage Athelstone

To prevent future flood damage to your home, there are several measures you can take. The key is to protect the areas that are most vulnerable and establish barriers against water intrusion.

Seal and Waterproof Athelstone

Inspect the exterior of your home and seal up any cracks or openings in foundations, basements, roofs, and around doors and windows. Apply a waterproof sealant, caulk, or weatherstripping to fill in gaps. Consider having a professional re-seal or re-roof if damage is extensive.

Install Barriers Athelstone

For doors and windows, install storm shutters, impact-resistant glass, or water shields.

Improve Drainage Athelstone

Make sure water can flow away from your home. Install gutters and downspouts to direct water off the roof. Slope the ground around the house so it drains away from the foundation. You might also install sump pumps, drainage tiles, rain barrels, or permeable


Elevate and Relocate Athelstone

If flooding is an ongoing issue, you may need to take more drastic measures. Raising your home above the flood level or relocating utilities to higher floors are options to consider. As a last resort, you could move your entire home to a new location outside the floodplain.

Emergency Supplies Athelstone

Stock up on emergency supplies in case a flood does strike. Have things like food, water, medications, a battery-powered radio, first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, a whistle, dust mask, wrench, and emergency tools on hand. Develop an emergency evacuation plan for your household and practice/review it regularly.

By taking a proactive approach to flood protection and planning ahead for emergencies, you can gain peace of mind and avoid costly damage to your property in the future. Be prepared and stay safel

FAQs About Flood Damage Restoration

Do | need professional help for flood damage restoration? Absolutely. Flood damage restoration is not a DIY job. The water and moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew within 24 to 48 hours, and the damage requires professional equipment and expertise to remedy. Calling in the pros is the best way to ensure the water is extracted thoroughly, structural repairs are handled properly, and your health and safety are prioritized.

Whether residential or commercial property, their experts can evaluate the damage, determine the best solution for your needs, and implement it promptly so you face minimal disruption. When flooding happens, call the professionals at Adelaide Flood Master for water and flood damage restoration in Athelstone you can trust. Adelaide Flood Master has over 15 years of experience providing flood remediation for homes and businesses in Athelstone. We have the proper licensing, certifications, equipment, and expertise to handle any flood emergency and restore your property.

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